Memoir released shares ‘importance of taking care of yourself’

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Former MD of Foothills councillor from 2000 to 2004, Michele Moore Veldhoen, recently released a memoir called The View From Right Field.

Moore Veldhoen, author of the book, said it is about being a full time mom and the accompanying challenges, friendship, and “regularly taking breaks to do something that you love to do to relieve the pressure of motherhood.”

“(The book) really begins when I found out from my doctor, with my kids being very young at the time and I was at home full time, that I was mildly depressed and I thought I just had a bug,” she said. “I went to him after a few months of being really tired and he said ‘you just need to get out and do something for yourself,’ those are the very words he used.”

Moore Veldhoen said the remedy was joining a women’s slo-pitch team, the Okotoks Rainbows, which she played with for 16 years.

She said she built friendships that provided strong support and continues to have a relationship with to this day.


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“While I was going through those years of raising kids I was looking for fulfillment, where was I going, what was I doing, what else, who else was I besides a mom. Having friends around who will stand by you while you’re going through all that and having a good time with you, that’s priceless,” she said.

Over the course of two years Moore Veldhoen said she wrote the book with the help of her editor Betty Jane Hegerat and “de facto captain” of the Rainbows Debbie Miller.

“A memoir is based on your memories … I wanted to make sure that the things I was recounting in the story were accurate in terms of times and places and people basically,” she said, regarding Miller helping her with the correct recollection of memories.

Moore Veldhoen said throughout her life she planned to write books however “couldn’t’ find the space to write,” when raising children.

“When I was playing with the Rainbows, I said at one point to them, ‘Debbie I’m glad you’re writing everything down because one day I’m going to write a book about the Rainbows,’” she said. “We really did have an extraordinary time.”

(The book) was always intended to be written and now is the time,” she said.

Moore Veldhoen said the audience for the book are women who are or already have raised children.

“I hope it’s a bit of an inspiration for them, it’s a very light hearted memoir … it’s meant to make you laugh at yourself and help get things in perspective,” she said.

Moore Veldhoen said she hopes readers come away from the book primarily realizing “the importance of taking care of yourself.”


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“We can probably all see women in our lives who are not taking care of themselves enough,” she said. “They’re giving 100 per cent of their heart and soul to their families and nothing to themselves.”

Secondly, she said she hopes readers see they should be true to themselves.

“Whatever it is that turns your crank, follow it,” she said. “If it fulfills you, that’s what you should do, go out and do it, don’t deny yourself that.”

For those interested in getting a copy, Moore Veldhoen said the book is available through her website to order a hard copy through Amazon, and electronic versions are available on Kobo and iTunes.

“If they want a signed copy they can send me a note through my website and I will make sure they get one,” she said, adding she can also be contacted through her Facebook page The Tree Swallow.

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