Health concerns to be kept in mind when reentering homes

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By Kassidy Christensen



With the move in date for residents fast approaching, health concerns must still be kept in mind when reentering homes.

One of the main reason why residents couldn’t return home sooner was because of infectious diseases and bacteria that were overly prevalent in the remaining flood waters and in the dust that engulfed the town.

Dr. Richard Musto, medical officer of health, Calgary zone, warned that the parasites and bacteria in the water are mostly an issue if someone were to come in direct contact with them.

“It’s really only an issue with ingestion, or if it’s on your skin and you have a wound,” said Musto. “We are recommending that people wear gloves when they are coming in contact with the water and of course washing their hand after taking the gloves off.”

Only those who are particularly sensitive to airborne dust are at risk of irritation.

“People that are particularly sensitive, like those with asthma or chronic lung conditions will be bothered by that (the dust),” said Musto. “The town is making every effort at the moment to keep the dust down. If people are in particularly dusty areas, it’s best for them to wear a mask.”

Another area of great concern expressed by both residents and officials alike is that of having black mold develop in homes due to stagnant water sitting for long periods of time.

“As you know mold grows on moist surfaces in homes as people move back in. There are references made to the black mold, which is a common term for a particular kind of mold, but it doesn’t deserve the reputation that it has,” said Musto.

Mold is not an issue for most people, said Musto. Some are sensitive to mold in an allergic sense, but Musto advises to express caution when cleaning up the mold.

Materials will be given to residents upon reentry that describes how to properly and safely remove mold, sad Musto.

Finally, although the threat of mold has been imminent over the past week while recovery efforts have been under way, Musto shared some good news that mold will not be a factor on the viability of a house since it can safely and effectively be removed.




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